High Level Training Institute is thrilled to announce that today officially singed Partnership Agreement with the International Leadership Training Center (ILTC) of Missouri State University (MSU).

Initially the programs are in relation to Supply Chain, Procurement, Negotiation and Contract Management and will be offered globally, whereas later on will follow programs for other industries/sectors as well.

Namely the following programs will be offered from this month:

1. Advanced Strategic Supply Chain Management, ASSCM
2. Negotiating, Implementing and Managing Successful Contracts, NIMSC
3. Proactive Supply Chain Risk Management, PSCRM
4. Value Added Procurement, Negotiations and SRM, VAPN & SRM

Each program is 40 hours, 5 days with examination respectively.

Upon successful completion of each course, each participant will receive a program completion certificate stamped with logos from both the International Leadership and Training Center and Missouri State University, and the gold seal of MSU will be affixed.