Our Services

Public, In-House, Distance Learning and Self-Prep. Training

HLTI™ offers corporate and professional development training through partnerships with leading academies and institutes globally.

Our huge network of world class expert trainers along with the best training managers in the industry deliver and implement high quality practical corporate trainings for professional development including certified programs in Africa, Asia and Europe. We have grown as an institute especially in the EMEA and Africa through offering wide portfolio of training programs in all corporate functions including Corporate Finance/Investments, Leadership/Management, Risk and Auditing, Operations, Project and Planning Management, Supply Chains and Procurement Management, Sales and Marketing, Engineering etc.

Our trainings are offered as public courses, conducted as in-house and some as distance learning as well as Self-Prep (Provided all the comprehensive materials).

Public and In-House Event Management

As an event institute we offer 360° event management solutions, we focus in brining world top expert speakers for workshops, seminars and lectures for contemporary issues and topics.

We emphasize on helping and supporting all types of events management and that from finding world class speakers to further creating the whole event program on-site in any location.
However, we also help enterprises to create an event in order to generate new business, launching new products into the market, specific promotions educate and enhance your team culture, organize enterprise meetings, managed events and much more. In addition, our institute is strongly supported by professionals in programme development, design, marketing and sales, customer service, hospitality management, delegate registration, sponsorship sales to telemarketing.

What do we offer to our clients as Managed Events?
Practically we offer you access to the world’s best expert speakers with the opportunity to hear contemporary issues and topics in their respective professional fields. Yet, we offer tailored concepts, tools, techniques and other professional aspects to your organization’s needs and meet specific expectations.

Organizational Service Solutions

HLTI™ has a decades of consulting which was the primary activity for many large companies globally who later were keen on improving and developing their people and processes. Since then we have been present in the global marketplace as consultant of choice for numerous of projects which needed alignment of international standards. When working with the client, HLTI™ seeks to identify the gaps and then design the best alternative solution in order to meet the needs and expectations accordingly. Our involvement depends on the nature of the situation and client’s request. Therefore, we engage from random particular issues, up to the very comprehensive systems, evaluation and revision of the current.

The initiation is meeting and setting agreement on the scope of the project, where later an expert consulting team is assigned to work with client’s involvement. The next step is gathering information and data which later are analyzed using the latest tools and techniques in order to decide for the best practical/alterative solution. Finally, based on the agreed solution, we train the client’s staff, support them in the implementation phase to achieve the needed outcome.

Some of Our Organizational Service Solutions

Human Resources
Training Need Analysis
Employee Satisfaction Surveys and Engagement
Job Analysis
Talent Acquisition
Workforce Planning
Rules and Policies Evaluation
Competency Analysis
Train the Trainer Programmes
Organizational Design and Restructuring

Finance, Investment, Auditing and Compliance
Implementation of Financial Policies and Rules
Financial Modeling
IFRS and IPSAS Implementation
Forecasting and Budgeting Systems
Internal Controls Improvement
Investment Policies
Wealth Management and Financial Planning
Compliance and Risk Assessment and Implementation

Strategic Management
Key Performance Indicators Development and Implementation
Strategic Planning and Mapping
Performance Management/Measurement
Change Management

Quality Management
Quality Control and Systems
Project Auditing
ISO programmes Implementation
Improvement Strategies
Materials Management

Sales and Marketing
Sales and Sales Force Development
Key Account Management
Marketing Strategies
Customer Service

The above Organizational Service Solutions are some of what we have been doing but not limited to. For more information please contact us either by phone or e-mail and we will be more than happy to assist and support you with the next steps.