This specialization prepares delegates for the Governance, Risk and Compliance challenges that businesses face. Business must meet the challenges of emerging markets, a world connected by social media, and rapid technological advancements, hand in hand with huge challenges relating to environment and poverty.  Therefore, we incorporate also the role of ethics and corporate responsibility in a connected world as well as the role of business in addressing Compliance and Risk such environmental issues.

  • Ethical practices in global business
  • Corporate governance
  • Effective decision making
  • How to confront challenges in this arena responsibly
  • Knowledge of the duties, responsibilities and liabilities of a director, the powers of Directors
  • Accountability versus responsibility
  • Management of risk processes

The principles of Diversity Effective GRC maintain a work environment which is positive, where the similarities and differences of people are valued.

This highly practical course has been specifically designed for:

  • Directors and Senior Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Compliance Officers/Professionals
  • Legal Advisors and Lawyers
  • Corporate Affairs and Company Secretaries
  • Directors and Senior Managers
  • In-House Advisors and Counsel
  • Audit and Audit Managers
  • Key Individuals

Plus, anyone who is responsible for Governance, Compliance and Risk or other Regulatory relationships.

The GAFM was founded in 1996 by the original founders of the Graduate Leadership Society. The Founders of our Standards Board are CEOs, Executives, Professors, and industry experts from around the globe. We desire to raise education standards and ethics in the business and management industries.

The Standards Policy Board awards specialized board certifications, designations, and charters in the fields of: finance, accounting, management, and consulting fields to qualified professionals who have completed internationally recognized or accredited exams & education, government recognized degrees and documented management credentials and experience. Since 1996, the Academy has been promoting accredited graduate standards for certification in business, management, law, and finance. Since the inception with the founding of the Graduate Institute of Leadership in 1996, the Academy has been focused on quality assurance with accredited education, exams, assessment, education, ethics, and continuing education. Further, applicants must also have the necessary experience in practice, research or publications in their respective areas of expertise.


Very interesting and interactive programme, excellent delivery and I will recommend it for my other colleagues.
John Olorundare, Senior Manager-MLRO, Zenith Bank PLC.
A rich and rewarding experience.
Michael Agamah, General Counsel & Company Secretary, Keystone Bank
The trainer was very knowledgeable, great experience learning from her. Thank you HLTI.
Solomon Hayford, Manager- Analytics & Compliance, MTN Ghana
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The Training was very impressive and practical. I definitely recommend it to compliance professionals growth in this competitive world.
Oyebanji Fatoba, Legal Adviser, CSL Stockbrokers
Very informative, Eye-opening programme built on blended form of best practices and theory.
Jad Atallah, Head of Legal, Compliance and Ethics, Oman Cables Industry SAOG
The training was excellent and plan to put in practice on what I learned these 5 days. Great work HLTI !
Nkenglefac Yochembeng, Cluster Claim & Legal Officer, Maersk Line