Many organizations are becoming aware that the Procurement function is no longer just an operational cost center but one of strategic importance to their supply chain. According to ISM – The Institute for Supply Management, every 1% that you reduce costs equates to 5% in additional sales. Similarly, inefficiencies along the procurement process can cascade down the supply chain and adversely impact the bottomline. As prices of commodities become more volatile, it is crucial for the Procurement professional to proactively assess and review how to plan and implement value-added procurement strategies, perform successful win-win negotiations without leaving money on the table, and develop effective and sustainable relationships with key suppliers.

HLTI/MSU’s “Value Added Procurement, Negotiations and SRM” program explores the latest methodologies and practices such that your organization can move from simply a reactive, tactical (cost center) department to a value-add, strategic (profit center). Mr. Woods will give you the best of his experience in presenting this workshop, not only in the formal subjects to be presented but through networking and discussions, before, during and after the program. His presentation style is a blend of facilitation (where you and your colleagues will be drawn into the discussions), practical examples based on his twenty-plus years of experience with a blend of respectful humor.

Cutting-Edge Course Benefits:
• Create a Strategic Supply Plan and an Operations Plan to implement it
• Engage essential stakeholders through Early Supplier Involvement & Early Procurement Involvement
• Establish an Ethics Policy for Procurement based on the Institute for Supply Management and the United Nations
• Implement the 9-Step Acquisition Process and develop three key documents: the requisition, the solicitation and the purchase order
• Create a Strategic Negotiations plan and customize negotiation strategies based on Goods vs. Services
• Apply the Total Cost of Ownership model to Analyse Prices/Costs in Negotiations
• Move from simply boilerplate (reactive language) to proactive language with “teeth,” such as how to drive volume rebates and cost savings
• Understand and apply the underlying contract law, be it local, CISG or other
• Develop key Supply and Supplier Strategies based on the Risk/Benefit Matrix
• Assess your Supply Base using a Supplier Evaluation and Audit Tool used in a Fortune 500 company

Outcome of the program
By the end of this 5-day program, delegates will be able to transform their procurement function into a strategic arm that adds value to their organization’s supply chain. They will bring back with them a thorough understanding of the entire procurement cycle and acquisition process. In addition, they will be able to successfully prepare for negotiations and adopt effective strategies to achieve win-win outcomes, as well as develop effective and sustainable supplier relationships by using the Supplier Evaluation and Audit Tool to assess their supply base.

Directors, Heads, Managers, Officers & other Senior Executives from:
• Supply Chain
• Procurement
• Purchasing
• Sourcing
• Logistics
• Inventory Management
• Risk Management
• Contracts
• Warehousing
• Finance
• Sales & Marketing

This program is suitable for professionals involved in supply chain risk management across all industries, especially:
• Oil & Gas/Petrochemicals/ Chemicals
• Food & Beverage
• Logistics & Transportation
• Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
• Manufacturing
• Infrastructure & Construction
• Telecommunications
• Power & Utilities
• Consultancy Services
• Banking & Finance
• Retail
• Information Technology
• Mining
• Government

Missouri State University (MSU)

Missouri State University (MSU) was founded in 1905 and is a comprehensive institution offering undergraduate and graduate programs including the professional doctorate and its main campus is located in Springfield, Missouri, USA.  The Office of International Services (ILTC) is a division of MSU and provides certificate training programs in key areas such as Supply Chain Management.


The course was great, I have found the case studies most thrilling and obviously that’s a product of a qualitative faculty. Well Done HLTI, I learned a lot.

Muyiwa Olaniyan, SGS Inspection Services NLG

My training with HLTI was an eye opener and I’m certain I would love a more productive workforce and a happy one.

Otemu Anaughe, Marreybet Gold

Since my first training course, I have noticed that the HLTI constantly keeps doing things really more professionally. I really appreciate.

William Atta Quansah, Agbaou Gold Operations S.A

HLTI trainings are of high quality. This training will increase my efficiency at work.

Gabriel Tyona Gbenyi, Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria

I Will be agent for the HLTI because I have come to love their programme and the trainings. Therefore, I recommend to everyone to participate such programme for more proficiency.

Richard Danso, Kinross – Chirano Gold Mines