MFMS™ will focus on the tools and techniques available in Microsoft Excel,BI and VBA which will enable you to develop, run and review financial models across multiple scenarios. You will gain a sound and practical insight in financial modelling building, comparison of financial values and evaluation of financial risks. You will also come to appreciate and be able to program Macro/VBA commands to solve a variety of Excel based problems. This particular certification program has been carefully developed to ensure the delegate learns best and future practices within strategic financial modeling practices. This five day intensive program will cover main pillars of modern strategic financial modeling; ensuring your ability to demonstrate core competencies of a modern financial practitioner. MFMS™ certification serves as a tangible acknowledgement of and financial practitioner’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. By acquiring the MFMS™ designation, you demonstrate a mastery of core financial competencies ensuring best and future practices are understood. MFMS™ designated professional are business and thought leaders, strategic partners, as well as professional mentors. Join thousands of financial certified professionals around the globe, from America to Zambia, the Middle East to Western Africa – become MFMS™ certified and make a difference.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

• Understanding and use key functions in Excel
• Analyse financial statements using modelling
• Create a Budget and to make changes to different scenarios
• Prepare a cash flow budget/forecast
• Carry out a variance and breakeven analysis for decision making
• Develop a model for investment decision
• Create a sensitivity analysis model
• Develop Excel models independently for specific tasks
• Explore and evaluate capital budgeting situations
• Manage existing financial proposals to deliver the best returns
• Appreciate and create Macros/VBA routines to solve a vriety of problems

• Financial directors and managers
• Financial controllers
• Risk managers
• Credit manages
• Financial and management accountants
• Financial project administrators
• Project finance professionals
• Financial planners
• Anyone responsible for or involved in financial modelling building

The GAFM was founded in 1996 by the original founders of the Graduate Leadership Society. The Founders of our Standards Board are CEOs, Executives, Professors, and industry experts from around the globe. We desire to raise education standards and ethics in the business and management industries.

The Standards Policy Board awards specialized board certifications, designations, and charters in the fields of: finance, accounting, management, and consulting fields to qualified professionals who have completed internationally recognized or accredited exams & education, government recognized degrees and documented management credentials and experience. Since 1996, the Academy has been promoting accredited graduate standards for certification in business, management, law, and finance. Since the inception with the founding of the Graduate Institute of Leadership in 1996, the Academy has been focused on quality assurance with accredited education, exams, assessment, education, ethics, and continuing education. Further, applicants must also have the necessary experience in practice, research or publications in their respective areas of expertise.


I am very happy to attend this training which add up to my knowledge and will surely contribute to head me in my daily tasks. Thanks to HLTI and its team.
Outtara N’fah Zakaraya, Finance and Admin. Manager ,Tata Steel
I was a great session and will definitely attend future programs. HLTI is the best institute.
Evans Buenortey Lemawu, C & M Financial Insight Analyst, The Coca-Cola Company