The bar has been raised on Human Resources. All HR Professionals need to contribute to the organisation at a strategic level and become a true strategic partner. In the last 50 years, HR professionals have moved from industrial relations where they negotiate the terms and conditions of work to personnel specialists who have expertise in HR practices like recruiting, compensation, training, and organizational development to business partners who deliver value to business success. The program is focusing on the creation of value to employees and line managers inside and customers and investors outside the company.

We have learned that HR’s more strategic role is much less about having “a seat at the table” than it is about business leaders managing talent and organization issues to reach business goals. When HR professionals help business leaders deliver value to investors, customers, and communities, HR in turn creates value.

As business challenges become more complex with economic, global, technological, competitive, customer, and demographic changes and pressures, business leaders seek innovative solutions to managing short- and long-term cost and growth, both locally and globally. For HR professionals to contribute to these demands, they must transform how they work. This principal transformation must occur in the way the HR department is organized (into service centers, centers of expertise, embedded HR); how HR practices are designed, integrated, and aligned to business requirements; and how HR professionals must be prepared so that they can contribute. The urgency to transform HR is only heightened by an increasingly uncertain economic environment.

HLTI/MSU’s “Strategic Human Resources Transformation” International Professional Certificate explores to distinguished from day to day transactional management by the complexity of influences on decisions, the fundamental organization-wide implications that strategic decisions have for the organization and their long-term implications.

  • Understand the Strategic HR Practices
  • Apply and Link Business Strategy with HR
  • Benefit from Policies and Procedures that are Aligned with the Organization
  • Understand and apply models & tools for Transforming HR
  • Explain the outcomes of the HR Transformation
  • Understand how to share accountability
  • Transform HR into a Strategic Function
  • Review HR Transformation toolkit
  • Human Resources Analysts, Managers, Executives
  • HR Business Partners
  • Talent Management Professionals
  • Training and Development Professionals
  • OD Professionals
  • CHRO’s
  • HR professionals at all career levels working in this area
  • HR Policies and Procedures
  • Employee Relations
  • Employee Communications
  • HR Administration and
  • Professional Consultants

Plus anyone who is involved in HR, or anticipates being involved in HR field in the future. This program is designed specifically to suit a broad range of professionals.

Missouri State University (MSU) was founded in 1905 and is a comprehensive institution offering undergraduate and graduate programs including the professional doctorate and its main campus is located in Springfield, Missouri, USA.  The Office of International Services (ILTC) is a division of MSU and provides certificate training programs in key areas such as Strategic Management.


The training is practical and interactive. It will immediately have a direct impact on the job I do and will benefit the organization and myself. It’s a course I advise every Human Resource practitioner to undertake this course.

Charles Baffour, Training Superintended, Chirano Gold Mines – Kinross

High Level Training Institute is a well-organized Institution. The training was very helpful and has opened my eyes to a new dimension in Human Resources and I believe my career path has been positively affected.

Ajiri Alibo,, Human Resources Officer, Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA)

The course was great, I have found the case studies most thrilling and obviously that’s a product of a qualitative faculty. Well Done HLTI, I learned a lot.

Muyiwa Olaniyan, General Manager HR, SGS Inspection Services NLG.

The Training was very useful and inspiring. The team was made up of experienced personnel whose examples were very helpful and made it easy to understand.

Kate Arhin, Human Resource Manager, Cenit Energy Ltd.

I Will be agent for the HLTI because I have come to love their programme and the trainings. Therefore, I recommend to everyone to participate such programme for more proficiency.

Richard Danso, , Industrial Relations Officer, Kinross – Chirano Gold Mines