Financial services in general, and insurance in particular, have suffered particularly during the recent re-alignment of the global economy. Risk appetites and confidence levels have slipped to lows that have seldom been seen before, magnifying the risk consequences of even the smallest misjudgment. The result of this is that there is increased pressure on you to keep up with the rapid developments in the industry, which is why we are pleased to present you this training program. CCIP is comprehensive program has been developed in response to the rapid development of the insurance industry in the international context and addresses the main issues that you must confront as an insurance industry professional. It features a range of interactive exercises, peer led learning sessions and stimulating presentations. You can expect a challenging yet supportive atmosphere that encourages you to get the most from your own capabilities.

Questions The Program Answers:

• With the sub-prime impact and some of the largest insurers on the planet suffering from debt write downs, what will the future of the insurance sector look like?
• What makes a good general insurance practitioner?
• How do insurers adapt to changing information and distribution requirements of the modern insurer?
• What are the latest trends and offerings in the general insurance space?
• How does the business protect itself from risk?
• What is the best practice approach to claims settlement?
• What IT systems and processes can effectively support the underwriting process and marketing decisions of the business?
• Learn from market failures cases
• Assess and manage foreign exchange and derivatives
• Calculate Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)
• Evaluate and carry out Mergers and Acquisitions structuring

This program has been designed for all insurance professionals who would benefit from additional insights into the latest
developments in the international and regional insurance industries. In particular, the following will benefit:

• General insurance officers
• Compliance officers
• Bancassurance specialists
• Insurance agents
• Insurance brokers
• Insurance advisors

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The course was great, I have found the case studies most thrilling and obviously that’s a product of a qualitative faculty. Well Done HLTI, I learned a lot.

Muyiwa Olaniyan, SGS Inspection Services NLG

My training with HLTI was an eye opener and I’m certain I would love a more productive workforce and a happy one.

Otemu Anaughe, Marreybet Gold

Since my first training course, I have noticed that the HLTI constantly keeps doing things really more professionally. I really appreciate.

William Atta Quansah, Agbaou Gold Operations S.A

HLTI trainings are of high quality. This training will increase my efficiency at work.

Gabriel Tyona Gbenyi, Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria

I Will be agent for the HLTI because I have come to love their programme and the trainings. Therefore, I recommend to everyone to participate such programme for more proficiency.

Richard Danso, Kinross – Chirano Gold Mines