Organizational Service Solutions

HLTI™ has a decades of consulting which was the primary activity for many large companies globally who later were keen on improving and developing their people and processes. Since then we have been present in the global marketplace as consultant of choice for numerous of projects which needed alignment of international standards. When working with the client, HLTI™ seeks to identify the gaps and then design the best alternative solution in order to meet the needs and expectations accordingly. Our involvement depends on the nature of the situation and client’s request. Therefore, we engage from random particular issues, up to the very comprehensive systems, evaluation and revision of the current.

The initiation is meeting and setting agreement on the scope of the project, where later an expert consulting team is assigned to work with client’s involvement. The next step is gathering information and data which later are analysed using the latest tools and techniques in order to decide for the best practical/alterative solution. Finally, based on the agreed solution, we train the client’s staff, support them in the implementation phase to achieve the needed outcome.

Key Benefits

  • Immediate Impact: Witness tangible results and improvements swiftly.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Our experts seamlessly integrate with your team, fostering a culture of continuous learning.
  • Problem Solving in Real Time: Address challenges as they arise, ensuring agility in decision-making.

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Training Calendar 2024